Vision & values

Be spectacular, make a difference

We want to bring value to the world using our talent to help businesses flourish by offering them great software products.

Our aim is to create efficient and pleasant-to-use software products that solve major problems and ease users’ everyday life. In software development there’s always room for new innovation and a constant need to replace confusing legacy products.

With our strong experience on different workflows, we want to affect software development by advancing agile and lean workflows:

  • We want to be known for excellent product quality and as a good employer with organisation culture that is lean, open and organic.
  • We hope to be able to spread our culture, workflows and ideas to large corporations as well as to help small teams to be more efficient and functional.
  • We aim to scale the impact by creating products that’ll be utilised by significant masses ensuring that the products solve real user needs.

With a strong focus on R&D we’re willing to spend time and money to be known as pioneers when it comes to technical solutions and research around new possibilities on creating software services. Publishing novel solutions as open source will also be one of our goals in the future.

Trust, honesty & being awesome

Everyone should focus on doing what they love and enjoy the most, so organisations should do their very best to enable them to do so. Company should grow and adapt to the needs of the individuals that are willing to be part of it. This kind of community enhances the long-term motivation, accomplishments and joy of living. It supports the growth of individuals, teams and the company as a whole.

We at Kaski want to enjoy our work as much as we can. Our company values are made to describe and remind us of this ideal state.

Everything is based on trust

  • building absolute trust with honesty
  • straight and open communication inside and outside the organisation

It all comes down to friendship

  • making sure that you are with the people you love
  • sustaining and supporting organic organisation culture
  • building relations with customer and stakeholders based on friendship

Our company is always the best place to be

  • enhancing cohesion with good leadership
  • focusing on solving every problem at any cost
  • making everyone feel safe
  • never forcing anything

Being awesome together and as individuals

  • staying in the centre of what we love to do, what we are good at and what we get paid for
  • being free and having fun while staying focused and following our vision
  • being the best at what we do
  • helping others to succeed and thrive